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Shredders for cable and plastic recycling with special equipment

The cable shredder was specially developed for processing electrical cables. This separates valuable raw materials such as copper or aluminum from the plastic. The Plastic Shredder granulates plastics very effectively into small pellets.


SEDA PlasticShredder

The small parts once granulated can emptied by a conveyor belt into a container. More information  Technical details Motor: 2 x 9,2 kW Speed shafts: 11 and 14 rpm Material: PP, PE Shredding surface: 620 x 840 mm Weight: 1800 kg The Shredder will be loaded manualy, there are several loading possibilities such as conveyor belt, screw or lift. The emptying will be carried out by means of a conveyor belt. There are a liquid/solids separation system optionally. Benefits Easy to use Protection of speedgear and ball bearings by 2 decompression areas Different loading and unloading options 32020 SEDA PlasticShredder  with conveyor belt Option: 32021 SEDA PlasticSchredder Basic Here the product info sheet is available for download.Download Find a contact in your region.Contact [...]


SEDA CableShredder Stokkermill

The new supplied SEDA cable granulating systems quickly and efficiently granulates electrical cables before separating the copper from their rubber or PVC housings. More information  Technical details SEDA SM-1100 K75/K95 SEDA SM-1100 K140 SEDA SM 3000 Length: 1060 mm 1060 mm 1500 mm With: 1700 mm 1700 mm 1750 mm Height: 2000 mm 2000 mm 2150 mm Weight: 700 kg / 800 kg 800 kg 1250 kg Power suply: 7,5 kW / 9,5 kW 400 V, 50 HZ 3 PH 14 kW 400 V 400 V, 50 HZ 3 PH 10,5 kW 400 V, 50 HZ 3 PH + N Performance: 80-100 kg / 80-120 kg 100-150 kg 200-250 kg SEDA products represent the ultimate in functionality and quality. Many years of experience allow us to offer the right equipment for the specific needs of vehicle dismantlers and recycling organizations. The CableShredder are compact, soundproofed and very [...]