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Car compression for storage and transport

SEDA provides two solutions for efficient compression for storage and transportation of scrap cars. Firstly, the Flattener to flatten bodies and secondly the car Bailer for pressing bodies into packets.


SEDA CarFlattener

Two solid covers, hinged on opposite broad sides with a crush force of 110 tons crush the scrap vehicle to a length of 3,8 m and a height of 35 cm in one operation. Any liquids are collected and discharged into an external container. Available in a stationary or mobile version, by flattening the ELVs you save a lot of transport costs. More information Technical details Overall length: 9.400 mm Overall width: 2.800 mm Overall height: 3.730 mm Total weight: 22 Tonnen Pressing force of the two hinged lid cylinder: 2 x 940 kN/200 bar Engine power: 30 kw Dimensions open: 5.700 x 2.200 mm Dimensions closed: 4.300 x 2.200 mm Hight by squeezing: ca. 350 - 400 mm Height above the ground: 1.210 mm Oil circuit capacity: app. 500 l Cycle time: app. 50 sec. For example, in the case of medium-sized car bodies (including [...]