Vehicle Racks

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Vehicle supports as ramps, lifts or rigid vehicle racks

Through these vehicle racks the car can be reached from below. SEDA offers several ramps, lifts or rigid vehicle racks for all customer requirements. The car is placed either with the help of a forklift or can be placed without a forklift by using the SEDA vehicle trolley.


SEDA VehicleTrolley TL

The robust construction with 4 stable wheels (incl. stop function) and the special guide rails of the trolley, featured in all SEDA tilting ramps and tilting lifts, are unique features of the equipment which allow for one-person handling. More information  Technical details Loading capacity: appr. 3,5 tons Weight Trolley: 120 kg Dimensions with / length: 1,6 / 2 Meter Height: 0,6 Meter Faster and exacter movement of vehicles! Benefits No forklift for maneuvering necessary Quick movement of vehicles Modest positioning Solid wheels with break mode Can be used on tilting lift or tilting ramp Handy size N-527486 SEDA VehicleTrolley TL Alternative device: N-527480 SEDA VehicleTrolley RS Here the product info sheet is available for download..Download Find a contact in your region.Contact Video [...]