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Stationary systems for ELV drainage

Stationary systems are fixed to the ground, they are custom made to the requirements of each recycler. The pre-installed and ready to use systems are configured depending on the size of the company, type and volume of cars which will be drained annually.


SEDA DrainBox

The DrainBox fulfills requirements with its compact size for the needs of small recyclers and fits perfectly into existing processes and automations. It consists of a vehicle rack, a housing with 6 double diaphragm pumps for all fluids and filters as well as a TankDrillingMachine and a swingarm with an oil funnel. More information  Technical details Air requirements: max 7,5 bar – 410 lt/min Drainagetime: app. 10-20 Min./Car Fluid drainage: Petrol/Diesel: 14 lt/min Waste oil: 8 lt/min Brake fluid: 1 lt/min Coolant fluid: 5 lt/min Washer fluid: 5 lt/min Loading capacity: 2000 kg Dimension DrainBox Plus: 4310 x 1940 x 1940 mm Dimension DrainBox: 1600 x 190 x 1940 mm Optionally, there is the station with height-adjustable vehicle rack holder and add two catchment areas with grids. In addition, the DrainBox can be supplemented with a shock absorber drilling machine, a HoseGun, an airprocessing unit or a [...]