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Equipment for draining any type of ELV fluid

SEDA equipment can be used independently or as part of a system. For each type of liquid there is a device, to ensure all liquids can be removed efficiently without wasting a drop.


SEDA AC Remover

With two different connectors with quick coupling the refrigerant/gases R1234yf and R134a which are used in the vehicle, can be removed by the powerful suction unit and quickily and safely transferred into a storage bottle. With the integrated scale you can measure the storage capacity. More Information  Technical details Direct liquid: 4,59 kg/min. Direct vapore: 0,94 kg/min. Compressor: 2-cylinder piston compressor Voltage: 220-240V, 50 Hz 1 PH Weight: ca. 85 kg Dimensions: 504x601x911 mm Approvals: CE / TUV-GS Due the the built-in filter it is possible to re-use the contents of the storage bottle. The gas bottles are available optionally. Benefits Safe filling in bottle Gas is filtered Compact design Easy Handling Tidy system on mobile cart Built in scale Powerful suction L-52320  SEDA AC Remover Optionale accessories view [...]


SEDA Fuelmanager

Previously useless water contaminated fuel is transformed into valuable petrol or diesel. An integrated ATEX approved pump and dispensing unit allows the easy transfer of clean filtered fuel to the fuel tanks of your vehicle fleet. More information  Technical details Maße: 900x620x2500 mm Gewicht: 230 kg Füllkapazität: 70 Liter Trockenlegung: 30 Liter/min Reinigung: 15 Liter/min Füllung: 15 Liter/min Schlauchlänge: 2500 mm Simple to use in 3 ways: A: Drainage B: Refuelling C: Cleaning   A: Drainage:   B: Refuelling:   C: Cleaning: Benefits Suitable for Petrol or Diesel Water separation Easy operation Cleans fuel storage tanks Compact dimensions Integrated filter units Turns water mixed fuel into a profitable product Please refer to the item number: Here the product info sheet is available for download.Download Find a contact [...]



This tool suctions the LPG from the vehicle tank and fills it into a separate storage container (gas cylinder, etc.). Then a combustion torch burns off the remaining gaseous contents. Finally, the vehicle’s tank is rinsed with nitrogen to neutralize it and remove any danger of the tank igniting.The integrated SPS control system is responsible for each step of this completely automatic process. A simple on/ off switch, large display and a built-in pressure gauge make it safe and easy to control. More information  Technical details Power connection: 230V AC, 1000 W Pressure range: up to 20 bar Burner performance: 240 kW Max. suction power: 120 kg/h Weight: 90 kg Required space (station): 1,5 x 1,2 x 2,5 m Required space (burner): 1,0 x 1,0 x 2,0 m The key aspect of this device is its automatic function. After starting the CLASS all processes run self-controlled. This [...]