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ELV Drainage — All fluids are removed

The draining of used vehicles includes equipment and systems for the complete removal of liquids such as gasoline and diesel, waste oil, coolant, brake fluid and coolant but also LPG and UREA. The systems are continuously developed and perfected. From site planning to individual systems and service – SEDA is your partner.

Devices can be used independently or as part of plants or systems. For each liquid there is the appropriate device. Vehicle racks allow you to process the cars from below. There are several platforms, lifts or rigid vehicle racks. Mobile systems can always be relocated to adjust the operating conditions and are an alternative where fixed installations are not desired. Stationary systems are permanently mounted and tailor made. The preinstalled systems are ready for immediate operation. The accessories include various components that make draining easier.


SEDA DrainBox

The DrainBox fulfills requirements with its compact size for the needs of small recyclers and fits perfectly into existing processes and automations. It consists of a vehicle rack, a housing with 6 double diaphragm pumps for all fluids and filters as well as a TankDrillingMachine and a swingarm with an oil funnel. More information  Technical details Air requirements: max 7,5 bar – 410 l/min Drainagetime: app. 10-20 Min./Car Fluid drainage: Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min Waste oil: 8 l/min Brake fluid: 1 l/min Coolant fluid: 5 l/min Washer fluid: 5 l/min Loading capacity: 2000 kg Dimension DrainBox Plus: 4310 x 1940 x 1940 mm Dimension DrainBox: 1600 x 190 x 1940 mm Optionally, there is the station with height-adjustable vehicle rack holder and add two catchment areas with grids. In addition, the DrainBox can be supplemented with a shock absorber drilling machine, a HoseGun, an airprocessing unit or a [...]



The MDS DrainBox is a roll-off container, in which the SEDA DrainBox is integrated. The container consists of a vehicle rack with fully connected case for 6 double diaphragm pumps and filters as well as a tank drill and an oil swingarm. More information  Technical details Air requirements: max. 7,5 bar – 410 l/min. Drainagetime: app. 10-20 Min./car Fluid drainage: Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min Waste oil: 8 l/min Brake fluid: 1 l/min Coolant fluid: 5 l/min Washer fluid: 5 l/min Loading capacity: 2000 kg Dimension closed: 6500 x 2500 x 2400 mm Dimension open: 6500 x 2500 x 4800 mm The MDS DrainBox includes a AC Remover and a catalytic cutter. In addition, the container can be supplemented with a shock absorber drilling device, a HoseGun, a service unit or a Gearbox drilling machine. Benefits [...]


SEDA AC Remover

With two different connectors with quick coupling the refrigerant/gases R1234yf and R134a which are used in the vehicle, can be removed by the powerful suction unit and quickily and safely transferred into a storage bottle. With the integrated scale you can measure the storage capacity. More Information  Technical details Direct liquid: 4,59 kg/min. Direct vapore: 0,94 kg/min. Compressor: 2-cylinder piston compressor Voltage: 220-240V, 50 Hz 1 PH Weight: ca. 85 kg Dimensions: 504x601x911 mm Approvals: CE / TUV-GS Due the the built-in filter it is possible to re-use the contents of the storage bottle. The gas bottles are available optionally. Benefits Safe filling in bottle Gas is filtered Compact design Easy Handling Tidy system on mobile cart Built in scale Powerful suction L-52320  SEDA AC Remover Optionale accessories view [...]


SEDA VehicleTrolley TL

The robust construction with 4 stable wheels (incl. stop function) and the special guide rails of the trolley, featured in all SEDA tilting ramps and tilting lifts, are unique features of the equipment which allow for one-person handling. More information  Technical details Loading capacity: appr. 3,5 tons Weight Trolley: 120 kg Dimensions with / length: 1,6 / 2 Meter Height: 0,6 Meter Faster and exacter movement of vehicles! Benefits No forklift for maneuvering necessary Quick movement of vehicles Modest positioning Solid wheels with break mode Can be used on tilting lift or tilting ramp Handy size N-527486 SEDA VehicleTrolley TL Alternative device: N-527480 SEDA VehicleTrolley RS Here the product info sheet is available for download..Download Find a contact in your region.Contact Video [...]


SEDA TruckStation ED-G

Old trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles have other requirements for its recycling than cars. To empty trucks without lifting platforms properly of diesel, used oil and other fluids, the SEDA drilling device has been specially adapted. Adjusted underneath the tank, the extraction is done after the drilling process automatically. More information  Technical details Air pressure: 8,5 bar – 1.100 Liter/Min. Air consumption: 6.000 l/truck Drainage time: app. 20 min/truck Fluid drainage: Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min Waste oil: 12 l/min Hydraulic oil: 10 l/min Coolant fluid: 8 l/min Washer fluid: 8 l/min Brake fluid: 3 l/min Dimensions: 2,2 x 0,5 x 1,8 m Required space: 15,0 x  4,0 x 6,0 m Mobile and easy to clean collecting trays with 110 liter capacity catch transmission and engine oil and cooling fluid smoothly. High performance pumps are used for sucking the liquids, which are filtered and pumped into their respective storage tanks. Due the collecting trays and [...]


SEDA TruckStation ED

With the new TruckStation SEDA has set new standards in the truck recycling market. Based on the very successful SEDA EasyDrain the TruckStation ED was developed for the special needs of truck de-pollution. Especially the de-pollution of ELVs in colder regions was a main focus while developing this system. More information  Technical details Air pressure: 8,5 bar – 1.100 liter/min Air consumption: 6.000 liter/truck De-Pollution time: app. 20 min/truck Dimensions: 2,2 x 0,5 x 1,8 m Required space: 15,0 x 4,0 x 6,0 m Suction power: Petrol/Diesel: 14 l/min Waste oil: 12 l/min Hydraulic oil: 10 l/min Coolant fluid: 8 l/min Washer fluid: 8 l/min Brake fluid: 3 l/min Hoses 8 meter long are fixed and perfectly situated underneath the station with robust hose reels. The length guarantees greater flexibility of operation in terms of space. Special features of the TruckStations are an additional pump for waste oil, a big suction [...]


SEDA Rapid

It is possible to remove 98% of all fluids from up to 30 ELVs per day in a environmental friendly way. With compact dimensions and the innovative SEDA drainage technology, the SEDA Rapid station represents a simple to install and simple to use end of life vehicle de-pollution system that is right up to date. Individual air powered pumps, the SEDA TankDrillingMachine and special tools allow simultaneous fluid removal saving you time and money. More information  Technical details Air requirements: 8,5 bar – 1.350 Liter/Min. Consumption Evacutation: 2.900 Liter/car Drainage time: app. 10-12 min/car Required space: 6,9 x 3,5 x 4,3 m Suction power: Petrol/Diesel: 10 l/min Waste oil: 3 l/min Coolant fluid: 3 l/min Screenwasher fl.: 5 l/m. The station can be combined with a variety of different static, tilting or lifting ramps or can be built around your existing vehicle ramp. Double-sided use is also [...]


SEDA VehicleTrolley RS

Thanks to simple handling, just a single worker is able to maneuver a vehicle in place. Consequently this trolley offers more mobility and flexibility within a recycling workshop or garage. More information  Technical details Loading capacity: app. 3,5 tons Weight Trolley: 120 kg Dimensions: With 1,7 meter, length 1,7 meter, height 0,4 m Once placed on the trolley a forklift is no longer needed to move a vehicle around the working area. Benefits No fork lift is necessary to move and load the ELV in a working position Fast movement of vehicles Easy to move by a single person Solid wheels with stop mode Can be used on vehicle or lifting ramp Practical operation N-527480 SEDA VehicleTrolley Optional: N-527483 SEDA Bearing for bigger cars Here the product info sheet [...]


SEDA 4-Fluid Station

One strong vacuum pump, 4 tanks and all necessary depolluting tools are integrated in this system. Powered by an electric vacuum pump, the 4-Fluid Station helps to remove waste oil, brake, washer and coolant fluid. This depollution system is instantly ready to go. Simply use the connection panel and the compressed air plug on the side to empty the 4 intermediate tanks in the main fluid tanks. The 4-Fluid Station is silent, powerful and reliable. More information  Technical details Integrated tanks: 4 x 80 liter Air requirement: 1,5 bar (empty) Power: 750 Watt, 220 Volt Performance: 21 m³/h Drainage time: ca. 10 min/car ADDITIONAL TOOL: As a perfect starter package we recommend the SEDA fuel kit with petrol and diesel kuli, Tank Drilling Machine and all the necessary connections. Benefits Mobile solution Electric vacuum [...]


SEDA Fuelmanager

Previously useless water contaminated fuel is transformed into valuable petrol or diesel. An integrated ATEX approved pump and dispensing unit allows the easy transfer of clean filtered fuel to the fuel tanks of your vehicle fleet. More information  Technical details Maße: 900x620x2500 mm Gewicht: 230 kg Füllkapazität: 70 Liter Trockenlegung: 30 Liter/min Reinigung: 15 Liter/min Füllung: 15 Liter/min Schlauchlänge: 2500 mm Simple to use in 3 ways: A: Drainage B: Refuelling C: Cleaning   A: Drainage:   B: Refuelling:   C: Cleaning: Benefits Suitable for Petrol or Diesel Water separation Easy operation Cleans fuel storage tanks Compact dimensions Integrated filter units Turns water mixed fuel into a profitable product Please refer to the item number: Here the product info sheet is available for download.Download Find a contact [...]



This tool suctions the LPG from the vehicle tank and fills it into a separate storage container (gas cylinder, etc.). Then a combustion torch burns off the remaining gaseous contents. Finally, the vehicle’s tank is rinsed with nitrogen to neutralize it and remove any danger of the tank igniting.The integrated SPS control system is responsible for each step of this completely automatic process. A simple on/ off switch, large display and a built-in pressure gauge make it safe and easy to control. More information  Technical details Power connection: 230V AC, 1000 W Pressure range: up to 20 bar Burner performance: 240 kW Max. suction power: 120 kg/h Weight: 90 kg Required space (station): 1,5 x 1,2 x 2,5 m Required space (burner): 1,0 x 1,0 x 2,0 m The key aspect of this device is its automatic function. After starting the CLASS all processes run self-controlled. This [...]


How does the SEDA de-pollution process work?

Find an overview of the most important steps on this page. Furthermore you can watch our Video about the IFAT 2014 in Munich. It shows the whole process.


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