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Storage with practical solutions

Because storage is an important part of recovery, SEDA has also designed practical solutions such as the security box for dangerous goods as batteries, for engines SEDA developed the practical stackable motor box. The SEDA storage rack for cars, brings you order, practicality as well as overview to your stock.


SEDA StorageRack

The cantilever arms also avoids strong impact by the forklift both upward and laterally and go straight back to its original position, so stock and shelving are protected. The attachable cantilever has a specially forged headstock carrying the hook protecting even the highest loads. More information We offer 4 different versions: Benefits Professional storage solutions for end- of-lifevehicles and spare parts For indoor and outdoor use Storage technology according to EU directives Maximizing space Support of computerized warehouse or storage management Direct access to each individual vehicle See infosheet! Here the product info sheet is available for download.Download Find a contact in your region.Contact Video Hier finden Sie alle Videos der SEDA Umwelttechnik GmbH inkl. aller Produkte und Prozessabläufe. [...]