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Project Description

The MDS6 is the newest container system of SEDA and provides an All-in-One solution for a mobile de-pollution of End-of-Life Vehicles (ELV) on the cutting edge of technology.

The SEDA MDS6 is a roll-off container in which a complete drainage system is integrated. The opened container cover functions like a roof and as rain protection. A static vehicle ramp with a capacity of up to 4 tons is installed in the container as well as catchment areas and important working aids like a workbench, tool box, etc.

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Technical details
SEDA MDS6 Container
MDS6 Vorteile EN min - SEDA MDS6 Container


  • Rugged and powerful system
  • Mobile
  • Ready in minutes and easy to maintain
  • Large work area and additional working aids on board
  • All connections are preinstalled

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Item number

A-528194 SEDA MDS 6 Container
incl. a complete de-pollution system, a vehicle lifting ramp and selected accessories.

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