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Project Description

The 4-Fluid Station is a compact and mobile entry-level solution for smaller dismantlers with a de-pollution rate of up to 5 vehicles per day.

One strong vacuum pump, 4 tanks and all necessary depolluting tools are integrated in this system.
Powered by an electric vacuum pump, the 4-Fluid Station helps to remove waste oil, brake, washer and coolant fluid. This depollution system is instantly ready to go. Simply use the connection panel and the compressed air plug on the side to empty the 4 intermediate tanks in the main fluid tanks. The 4-Fluid Station is silent, powerful and reliable.

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Technical details
SEDA 4-Fluid Station
SEDA 4-Fluid Station


  • Mobile solution
  • Electric vacuum pump
  • Easy use
  • Efficient

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Item number

SEDA 4-FluidStation:
P-527503 (Pump: 21 m³/h)
P-527502 (Pump: 6 m³/h)
S-50047 SEDA Fuel Set

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